Pillows are a wonderful way to change the décor of a room and give your living room or bedroom a new look.  My pillows are one of a kind creations made from a variety of yarns including wool, chenille, cotton and novelty yarns on my multi harnessed looms. Each pillow is stuffed with an inner pillow of polyester fiberfill.  The inner pillow is removable for cleaning.  I prewash all pillow coverings before assembly.  Pillows usually measure either 16 x16” or 12 x 16”, however custom sizes can be ordered.  Note the variety of design. Frequently the other side has a design variation so you get two pillows in one.  These are a sampling of my creations contact me if you are interested for availability and ordering information.  Pillows vary in price from $48 to $80 depending on size, yarn selection and complexity of design.