Placemats are an all time favorite of my product line of weavings. They are made from cotton and mop yarn and wear like iron.  They are thick enough to protect a good table and hide those that need hiding …and we all have one of them.  Placemats make a unique addition for your own entertaining, the perfect wedding gift, or house gift.  They pack well and ship easily. They are all prewashed, dryed and have already done their shrinking – a very important feature when dealing with cotton. They last for years and come out of the dryer looking like new.

My colors vary from:

1) Ubiquitous white on white that enhance all dishes and décor.

2) White with an accent color

3) Mats that are saturated in color with a dark warp (lengthwise thread) and weft (width wise thread).

It is fun to find something special to match your dishes or décor, and brides to be are always delighted to get something hand woven that was uniquely made for them and better yet not on the registry. Chose from the colors you see or design your own.

Given a bit of lead time, I can match dishes or décor from sample wallpaper or dish pattern style.