My unique vests have been a long time favorite.  They are very versatile and can be dressed up or down.  They can be successfully worn with jeans or converted to a dress up outfit with a coordinating skirt or slacks and a silk shirt.  Unlike many suit jackets, coats fit over the vests making them very practical additions to a wardrobe.  And one more thing – they pack well and are the perfect top for a variety of weekend activities. The fiber used varies from natural fibers including mohair, wool, chenille, and cotton to novelty yarns.  If you prefer I have vests that have no wool in them.   I prewash my vests and after care is an easy hand washing and block drying.  Sizes vary fitting the equivalent of size  6 – 12.  These are a sampling of my creations contact me if you are interested for availability and ordering information. Vests are $165.